Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ben Segal- Publications and Projects

Publications & Projects


78 Stories- No Record Press, 2008.
A crossword novella
Order Here

Science Fiction Pornography- Forthcoming from the Publishing Genius PDF Chapbook Series




Last Wish- Keyhole Digest, Forthcoming 2009

Can You Call a Ghost Your Girlfriend if She Won't Say Yes?- Kitty Snacks, Forthcoming 2009

The Reason I Get So Many Parking Tickets- Deep Leap, 2009

The Defense- The Benefactor, 2008

An Evening- The Benefactor, 2008

Catasaurus- Kiss Machine, 2008

Imagining What it Would be Like to be on a Cruise- Deep Leap, 2008 - Read Online

My Collection of Books at the End of the World- Acappella Zoo, 2008 - Read Online

Humasculpture- Cause and Effect Magazine, 2007



Jelly Bodies- Lamination Colony (forthcoming)

Halfingers- Elimae, June/July 2009

Over Dinner, The Life Story of the Wandering Jew- 3AM Magazine, 2009

Youth and Beauty (Short Version)- Abjective, February 2009

Mrs. Van Pelt's Class is Not Coming to the Assembly- Corduroy Mtn, 2009

The Pork Shunter's Fingers- Eyeshot, May 2009

Switzerland, 1471- For Every Year, 2009

Tender is a Nice Way of Describing Meat- Willows Wept Review, Spring 2009

Underground, in a Cave, in a Shallow Bed of Freezing Water- Pequin, 2009

The Wrestling Bear- Wigleaf, 2009

Reunion- Why Vandalism?, December 2008

Underwater- Hotel St. George, Fall 2008

Shaving- Lamination Colony, 2008

Glue- Elimae, 2008

The Thing about Elephants- Johnny America, 2008

Sometimes Girls- Dogmatika, 2008

Mr. Pibb, etc.- Dogzplot, 2008

Perfection- Flatman Crooked, 2008

Henry- Holy Cuspidor, March 2008

June Bug- 55 Words, 2007

Donny- Monkey Bicycle, 2007

The Old Man- Zygote in my Coffee, 2007

Towards A Dead Father- Word Riot, 2006



Tell It (Again From Your Mouth)- Text installed on site as part of the exhibition 'In The Light Cone' at the Department of Saferty art space on Anacortes, Washington, July 2009. Painted in black and glow-in-the-dark paint on on the gallery wall. See the website.

Frequent contributor at Ghost Island-

Dear Wigleaf- Wigleaf, 2009

From Batailles to Christ in 4 Moves- Diet Soap, 2007 (Print Journal)